Rebuilding the referral program πŸ› 

Hello everyone!

I am Sudhanshu, part of the growth team here at Jupiter :jupiter:
Glad to be part of the amazing community! :party_parrot:

I am thinking of rebuilding the referral program and take it to the next level :rocket:


After checking out some of the comments from the community for the previous referral construct here - More invites and a new referral system! πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

I thought of giving our users a gamified experience this time. Before finalising this new construct, I wanted to share it with you all to hear your views.

Here is what I have in mind :point_down:t3:

We will be setting milestones for referrals wherein, crossing each milestone makes you eligible to win additional rewards, while the top referrers get a very special reward :sunglasses:


  • The current rewards stay the same. We’re just adding in more rewards to the current construct. :gift: More info on the app > Refer a friend
  • We are aiming this to go live before the end of January 2023 and should last for 3-4 weeks.

This is our first version of the new referral construct. If you folks like it and engage with the initial version, we can roll this out for longer :))

Share what you think about this and let me know what other things you’d like to see in our referral program!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


We need a progress bar! :grin:
It will help us in showing the current status and how close we are to the next milestone.


I don’t know how much users like this gamification and all referral thing. Whole cred app is filled with gamification and all my friends have same view that we don’t even visit those pages. In my view. it will be waste of dev hours to spend on gamification and rather you guys should focus on core features. 10-50 rupae ya coins, nahi chahiye hamein.

Again, this is my personal view, might be there is segment of users which is very different from users like me.


Agree with Vivek. the current referral progress screen is functional and does the job. Dev hours need to invested in making the current features more stable and feature rich


I like the idea of showing milestone bar in the app !!! But again, the more you add features the slower it will get as Jupiter app is little slow. If I compare my experience with Google pay, Jupiters barcode scanner takes time.
I know this is an new platform and will get better and better with a time with users review and with the help of Jupiter community.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback :grinning:

The idea behind this was to add extra rewards to users who are referring and give them a gamified experience.

I agree that there are other areas of improvement. We’re working on it! The more feedback we get from our community, the stronger Jupiter gets :muscle:t2:

While we work on value adding features, referrals is still one of our features and shouldn’t be left alone. Hence, a thought to make it better!

@Mog_machine Yup, when it comes to speed, we’re working on improving loading the app faster, scan and pay included.