Reach your goals with Jupiter

I ran into this amazing app the other day- Multipl

What if we can do the same if not better? I wish to buy a new MacBook Air, but I realise my savings aren’t there yet.

What IF Jupiter offers us Pots (specially modified for this goal), where I get to choose the monthly instalments, for a specific period of time. And I get to choose the method of investment depending on risk appetite.

Mutual funds or Digital Goal. Set it for a year. At the 11th month, I get the option to pick the merchant- Amazon, Flipkart or Croma. Set up a delivery address.

At the 12th hour, of the last day the POT matures, Jupiter auto places an order with the merchant, and I get my MacBook delivered without hassles in a week?

I’m happy. The merchant is happy for a sale. And Jupiter is happy for a) the commission from the merchant and b) helping me reach my goal aka repeat customer.

Here’s some of the UI from multipl:

The idea sounds really nice.

But I think only one feature would be super useful which is auto sweep of money from savings account to a pot. User can set the Standing Instruction regarding the amount, frequency and duration on a pot and all the magic will happen behind the scene.

There can be a special reward system added upon completing the tenure on top of whatever interest is earned to encourage such behavior.

I am not very sure about the practicality of automatically placing the order at the merchant site though. Reason being you might still be interested in the product but there may be change in the vendor if user gets better price from some other vendor. Or there is a change in product itslef for example earlier I was looking for grey macbook but now black is more attractive for me.