Closing the savings loop within Jupiter through objective-oriented savings

Objective-oriented savings: implying investment pots that are custom-made for a specific purpose. Those purposes could range from education to buying an iPhone to travelling.

Since objectives are already defined in the context, there could be scope for partnering with merchants for successful loop closure - implying if I am saving for a trip to Kashmir, I’d sort of prefer it if I get trip suggestions through that pot at discounted prices. This ensures three things:

  • since users can see the goal and attractive offers, it keeps them motivated
  • the user doesn’t have to leave the Jupiter ecosystem by compulsion
  • partnership with merchants implying source of (potential) revenue for Jupiter

There’s a precedent in the fintech space that I have come across: Multipl app.

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@nateavi You had the same idea! - Reach your goals with Jupiter
@Aniket_Dutta Heyo :wave:t4:
Thank you so much for sharing this!