Question about changing mobile No for new and old account?


I onboarded Jupiter. I am already a federal bank customer. But jupiter created a new acc.

During onboarding it asked to me to add balance. And it automatically found the old acc associated with the same number and transferred money from old to new during onboarding. All good.

Now if I go to payment settings → Manage account, I can see both of my acc listed. While new a/c as primary. There is a radio checkbox to change my old acc as primary. ( Note this is not pot acc which is different)

Now if I change my mobile number to new number will Jupiter change it for both accounts ?

Or just the primary acc?

If it changes the number only for primary acc, I won’t be able to access the old acc since the number is now different. And iPhone 13 mini only supports one nano sim and esim. And I don’t want esim. (I guess I can use other phone with dual sim support)

Is there a way to change the number for both acc ?

If that’s not possible only other option is close the old account.

@sunnysigara the Jupiter support team will be right team to clarify all these questions. Suggest you write an email to them.