Query about physical debit card and PRO account

Hello all. I have a small query. The physical debit card is required for the 1% cashback and PRO Power offer. And min 10k is required for PRO membership which includes 1% cashback. So if I don’t have physical debit card but maintain 10k balance, will I be a PRO member? Will I get the associated benefits like 1% cashback and other benefits of PRO without the physical debit card?

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Hi @Aniket_Sharma Yes if you maintain 10K Net Relationship Value (NRV) in a particular month you will become PRO the following month even if you don’t order Physical Debit Card and you will get all PRO benefits which are 1% cashback on UPI and Debit Card upto 250 per month, exclusive PRO offers and Zero Forex Fees upto 25000. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

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I dave not ordered physical card but added 10k in super pot will I get benifit of 1 percent cashback on debit card and upi spends
Also how long it takes to upgrade to pro after depositing 10k in super pots

You will be upgraded to PRO next month on 3rd.
The upgradation to PRO is based on previous month’s NRV value. So if you have added money this month and NRV crosses 10K then you will become PRO next month.
1% rewards will be activated when you become a PRO.