People protesting outside Jupiter

I found this post on my Linkedin feed. This looks very concerning.

@Jiten @Shawnpinto is everything okay???

Please respond.


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Kya hua bro, why they are protesting?


Maybe a marketing campaign of Early Salary or any such feature.
Because they are singing in chorus.

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That’s what I am trying to find out?

Really hope that the case. My employees have already started reaching out to me

Seems to be a marketing campaign

Unless an official confirmation comes in, hard to comment.


If this really is a marketing campaign. Jupiter might need to tell the marketing team to go easy. Yes marketing wise it’ll go viral in linkedin as Jupiter is a well known company by now. But please also keep in mind that this is a double edged sword, you might have already understood that by the concerns raised by the employees and the community. If it really is a marketing strategy its better to reveal it right now as there are chances for it to be misinterpreted when linkedin influencers share it for reach. Jupiter needs to act immediately as its a banking platform and cant lose trust.


Please sir my account unfreeze kadijia​:tired_face::pray::pray::heartbeat::tired_face::pray::pray::heartbeat::tired_face::pray::pray::heartbeat::tired_face::pray::pray::heartbeat::tired_face::pray::pray::heartbeat:

:thinking: Looks serious

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So, something is really happening. Fingers crossed.

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Hey @Sathi please visit the blog to know about account freeze and its solution


Hey everyone, I see a lot of concerns around this. We’re looking into it.

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Hopefully soon! :wink:


Person standing at the end is smiling and there is a professional video grapher as well.

This indicates that it might be a marketing technique.

I hope it’s just a marketing gimmick.

It’s marketing

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