What’s up with the new social media spam thingy done by Jupiter?

What’s up with the new string of tweets from obvious fake accounts and some unmarked sponsored tweets about asking for a Jupiter invite , and as if it’s not enough it’s being retweeted by the official account. Now I am not a marketing expert but this stands out to be really sad way of promoting the service. I mean you all have a good platform so why not just trust it and depend on word of mouth advertising rather than this sad method.

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Look at these tweets for example:

Hey @sololander ,

It’s not fake accounts, let me explain why this is happening.

When you get stuck on the invite page in the beginning, we suggest you to share on social media platforms in case you need an invite, there’s a pre-text provided which can be edited before you post it.

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But I get the concern here, I’ll let the team know about this.

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Ah alright it makes sense now. On twitter app for iOS the tweets about invites are flagged as spam because of repeated string of texts under some Italian cyber law. As I am using my device here Italy the same will be shown for any user in EU; so it won’t look good for the company maybe like a share button that takes you to a new community thread here or a waitlist would make more sense than twitter…

Also depending on if a user is using a twitter app or web page for well the push message thingy, the tweet is showing “(null)” so atleast that should be rectified.

But thank you nevertheless for the clarification :slight_smile: