PayTm direct? What's the hype?

PayTm has been teasing something on the term ‘Direct’. Goes like this ‘Direeeect’ :thinking:
It’s on their socials. Does anyone know what’s it about?

Something for the IPL season starting tomorrow for sure. But, what product/ feature is anyone’s guess :sweat_smile:

Another ploy to further mess up their app UX, and sink more shares.

Here’s train with an easier explanation on Paytm’s Don Quixote adventure runs via a catchy song.


I guess they’re enabling the UPI Number feature Pay by Phone Number or a Custom UPI Number


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Oh! Then the term Dirreeect makes sense.

@Shawnpinto Do we have something in store for the IPL season? It’s fintech contests left and right :smile:

it’s odd that Amazon/BHIM don’t talk about it much even after implementing it and paytm is going bonkers without it!!

When your stock have lost 75% of its value… you have to hype everything to attract people


@Binoy have you check Gpay Account? Gpay has already launched and mine request is still under process i dont know when BOB will generate it.

Same here. It’s showing processing :upside_down_face:

“Requested. Awaiting bank processing.”

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I suppose amazon pay one is better option. it gives you an option to choose 2 no of your choice.