A thread on BNPLs


Great thread…In fact, everyone should be aware of this.
From my experience, the pay later service of Mobikwik called ‘Zip’ is the worst.


Nice thread @nareshk !
Thanks for starting this :pleading_face:

Do share which BNPL you prefer using at the moment and why? What’s that one feature you liked the most, your experience, share something that you’d like to have on Edge too if possible :slight_smile:

For my BNPL experience, I’ve used PayTm PostPaid. I was bombarded with random icons and things to click on at first. Used it only for 1-2 months though.

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Btw, nice change in the dp, @Shawnpinto :grin: :grin:

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Thanks! It was @Binoy who shared the avatar generator with me :stuck_out_tongue:
This was the site - https://getavataaars.com


If anything, it’s the BNPL space that demands the RBI regulation ASAP. Yeah, much before crypto I’d say.

BNPL right now is a smoke screen with less clarity and much to hide :man_shrugging:t2:


Yo! Their random button is super fun. Try it :grin:

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Nooo waay @Binoy :exploding_head:
Lemme try this.

Also, check this out:

Apple has entered the battle ring :apple: :eyes:


Recently Tried MoneyView Platinum Card for some internal reason Got enough limit more than a credit card. Till now its good because my friend also take this he has premium credit cards.

And I mean not 1 crore limit :joy:


I am using

  • LazyPay

  • Jupiter Edge

  • Postpe

Also, I have Moneyview’s Advantage Card and Kreditbee Card.

Lazypay is the first BNPL service I used and still, it’s my favourite one. Lazycard, 30 days billing cycle, Scan and Pay feature and UPI feature make it popular.

The only service I didn’t like is Mobikwik’s Zip. Recently, the limit was blocked by them citing some ‘risk policy’. When enquired about this, they told me it was some technical issue and my name was listed as ‘defaulter’ without making any delay. So even after 15 days, they couldn’t sort it out. So made the request to close that service.


I was interested in bullet when I heard they don’t report to any credit bureau but it seems JE is doing it. I’m not interested in other BNPL.


@razack Yup Zip & Flipkart both given me limit ₹4000 & ₹60,000 respectively through their Lending partner “ IDFC first Bank ” .

I always paid before due date , they mentioned in credit score many time as " Outstanding etc” .
I made multiple reports & closed both account because my CIBIL went to ₹748 which is now 777 .


Dear @Roshan Bro,
Exactly these two pay later services caused trouble for me. First, it was Flipkart’s Pay Later where I got only a 3000 Rs purchase limit. For the last 2.5 years, it is showing as ‘blocked’. whenever I write to Flipkart, I am getting the same copy-paste message saying it operates under limited capacity due to some covid issues.

How do you close these services? If possible, kindly tell me the procedure to close both services. It is affecting my credit score.


@razack sure bro.

To close Zip there’s 2 method -

  1. Call Mobikwik Customer care directly ( and say I wish to close)

  2. Mobikwik >> hep & support >>Zip >> how can I close Zip >> I want to close.

To close Flipkart -

  1. Call Customer care & Ask for NOC if account is closed , if not request to close .

  2. Email to customer care

If you’ve low credit score/ or not increasing . Take one Secure Credit Card ( 2K FD minimum)


Dhani One Freedom is biggest fraud in BNPL space.


I applied for it a few months back and after reading the numerous negative comments, I didn’t complete the application process. Only Negatives everywhere :rofl: :rofl:


Thanks a lot, brother…
Yep, recently I took the paisa bazaar secured card for a 2k FD. Hope the credit score gets an increase.

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For me, if we can bring features of BPNL to a credit card it’s worth doing that. Credit cards are more regulated and have strict rules.


Is it for real? I guess if you default a payment then it might be reported. Isn’t it? It is a rule.

If you request them then they won’t report it.