Pay by Phone Number or a Custom UPI Number

I see many requests on this forum for a Google Pay like ‘Pay phone number’ feature and an option to edit the automatically assigned mobile number based UPI ID on Jupiter.

I’d like to draw your attention to an already existing UPI feature (new to UPI 2.0?) which both Amazon Pay and BHIM app now feature.

It’s an option to set a custom ‘UPI number’ as your VPA to receive money. It can either be your mobile number or a 8-11 digit number. The best part is that it works cross-platform as it’s a native UPI feature. “Now friends/ contacts using any UPI App can send you money just by entering your phone number (or any other 8-11 digit number that you identify)”.

Not sure if it’d be feasible on Jupiter and if Axis bank as the UPI partner would allow it. But, it’s an interesting proposition nevertheless. @jiten

PS: Only works on UPI apps that enable this UPI Number feature. Working well between Amazon Pay and BHIM.


Have you used that feature yet.

I saw that few days back, Sounds interesting especially custom 8-9 digit number instead of mobile number.

doesn’t look like its fully implemented yet. you’re allowed to create new 8-9 digit UPI no at the moment, rest of the functionality seems to be works…

Yeah, it’s working well between Amazon Pay and BHIM. The feature needs to be implemented on other popular apps to work everywhere :+1:


This UPI number thingy is now working fine on Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM, and the Amazon Pay app. When can we expect this to be integrated to the Jupiter app? :eyes:

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