Edit the Jupiter UPI Id

We must have an option to edit or customize our Jupiter UPI Id as provided by all other UPI apps and payment services.
The default UPI Id created by Jupiter is of the format ‘(mobile_number)@jupiteraxis’. The issue with this UPI Id is that if we send any amount to any person, even our mobile number is disclosed to the person. This raises some serious privacy concerns.


@R22 That’s a good idea!

But come to think of it, all the UPI apps give only this option Phone-Number@bankname or Phone-Number@appname. Initially Paytm (and Airtel Payments Bank) had this option to edit your UPI ID (OR VPA). Now they have also removed that feature (although I read that there is a workaround using the Paytm merchant app).

So I am just curious… How is the current UPI ID (or VPA) shown in notifications/SMS - in full is it? I am not sure…

Also do you have a workaround for that now?

Another breach of privacy is Google Pay. By default Google Pay assigns your Gmail userid to the UPI ID. And I don’t think there is a way to change it.

Also considering that none of the apps are allowing editing of UPI ID (as far as I know), I am curious why this is?

Does anyone know why? What is happening behind the scene on this?

I am not sure about how paytm works, but I myself use PhonePe and BHIM UPI. Both of these provide an option to get an additional customized upi id within few seconds. Not only these, most of the bank apps like SBI Mobile Banking (the one I use) also provide an option to add another customized UPI Id.

Yes, currently, if we send any amount to a person using UPI, the person can check the UPI Id from which he/she received the money very easily using the bank statement.

I was just wondering if Jupiter can too have a feature to add another customized upi id and then make it the default/primary one so as to maintain the privacy of sender (the receiver will see the customized upi id in receipt details instead of mobile_number@jupiteraxis.)


Totally agree with you bro.

At least instead of exposing the phone number, they can take username@gateway or something like that. Fi is by default doing it based on email@gateway.

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Bank’s UPI apps like that of SBI does allow to make any number of VPA address and link diffrent VPA address to diffrent bank, so i guess thats possible.

Also anyone from development team checks these threads or not ? It will be good if there is a seperate thread that list all the features lined up next.

Yes, all of this is being heard.
@Avneesh_Upadhyay Check this out - Our Public Roadmap on Trello 🆙


Great!! Just checked, this is awesome. Hope self transfer, editing & assigning diffrent VPA address will be added too soon there.

Best wishes from my side.


Still waiting for this to happen.

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