Give us option to modify UPI ID

Please give us option to modify upi id.
personally i don’t want to disclose my number to anyone.
Even paytm has given us option to edit upi id in latest update


True, its not safe to share phone number everywhere.


Must needed feature

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Raise more voice :weary:


@Shawnpinto Please look into it.

I’ve heard of a feature where you can mask your original UPI handle and give a substitute name and copy it. (Name/code @jupiteraxis)

However, when you send/receive payments, it will go through the original handle. (number@jupiteraxis)

There’s some app which does this. Can’t recall :smiling_face_with_tear:

@Shawnpinto isn’t the UPI Id provided by jupiter is intended for loading the account from other bank accounts. I mean the main purpose of it.


Then there is no use of in built UPI feature