Custom UPI ID Handle required


As of now, the upi id is auto generated in the format of [mobile number]@jupiteraxis which is not a good idea to share mobile no. for each upi txn as part of txn info.

Please provide an option to customize it it on user’s choice.



Yah man you said the right thing :+1:


It has already been discussed in some previous thread. This feature is being considered afaik


This should be implemented for both Jupiter and Bullet UPI IDs.

  • I Agree…

We need cool UPI handles period :sunglasses:

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Having customizable UPI ID is a great feature to have, and let’s not dwell into the technical reasons behind the existing system.
However, this has been taken into consideration and we will come back with a detailed update on how it can be done.


Great to hear that, and appreciate you updating us on all updates…:+1:

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So is there any further updates on this feature request?
Not asking for any release dates, just wanted to know if there is any new worthwhile or positive information the Jupiter team can share ? :slight_smile:

The Jupiter app is perfect and has got everything I would use, except for the fact that it generates UPI ID with your mobile number in it. And I certainly don’t want to share my mobile number with random merchants and people. For the time being am using a third-party app just for UPI service.

I thought ‘Privacy’ had a greater importance at Jupiter and Amica Financial, but may be am wrong. Or may be this request has been overtaken by other projects and feature requests, who knows.

This is not prioritised so far as it is slightly big change for us. currently, we are focusing on making platform more stable and reliable to avoid any failure issues


Fair enough.

Fingers crossed, the team will be able to dedicate time and resources on this feature in the near future. Until then, will continue to use a different app for UPI and will wait for the day when Jupiter app will be my go-to app for all financial related activities. :slight_smile:

It’s annoying that this hasn’t been fixed yet. Apps do allow you to set up custom UPI IDs, for example- Airtel thanks app.

You get to select your bank- in this case federal. Ensure you got the right sim on the phone, and voila you get to create a UPI id of your own accord. Oh, and you get to create multiple UPI ids too, but you only get to stick to one as the primary.

It’s easy and doable, though unsure about the technicalities. We need custom UPI ids from Jupiter for privacy’s sake

Though late, I’m sure it’s in the pipeline. With Axis as their PSP bank partner for the UPI, this custom and editable UPI IDs require their blessing too.