What if jupiter upi id uses name other than phone number

According to a regular banker I’m feeling kinda difficulty by sharing phone number in upi id. If jupiter use name@jupiter it will be more comfortable without revealing phone number. Thank you.


We have been asking for it for months. No answer given yet by Jupiter team.

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I think the UPI ID is generally provided as an option to add funds to the account.
So in my opinion using another UPI app like Gpay,phonepe makes sense.

Lack of customisable UPI Id is a pain, for sure. Cred Pay does it better with an option to anonymise UPI Id (if you want to).

They start with >phonenumber@bank name, but they let you type in a customisable ID if you want to instead of the phone number later.

ID 1 stays your primary, while ID2 stands as your proxy. the merchant only gets to see ID 2.

Now that’s flawless execution! Hope to see Jupiter pull it off someday.