Payment Keychain

Do you guyz thinking about Payment keychain? City Union Bank has already launched. Now OmniCard has also launched and guess what? They are giving it free.

Hope Jupiter will think it about this new payment Technology.

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Hold up, is that keychain, but with tap-to-pay?? :flushed:

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Yes its has tap and pay feature😎

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I got this for free and it’s in transit

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Imagine you’re at the merchant holding a toy key chain when they ask for card or cash :joy:. jokes apart, It’s cool and easier.

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How far out are we from NFC sneakers?

Le me walks to the cashier:

Ye le mera jhuta. Scan kar!

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Cashier be like “am i a joke to you?” :joy:.

Hope we are far from embedding NFC tags or chips under our skins :joy: as in 2048 or any tech era.



This is something really new & cool , ppl with like it very much though i don’t see much use other that looks , it does the same job a card does.


@Jiten @Shawnpinto This can be included and dispatched on-request to your pro users. By pro users I mean, not just the salaried, but other value adding users too.

Also, to your active forum contributors here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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define value adding users… I like to be one!!

here is another one:

RuPay has so much potential! I’m glad we have an indigenous mechanism to back up our infra.

I’m curious why we don’t have Jupiter rupay cards tho? Why Visa @Shawnpinto ?? :thinking: