Nfc key chains

This is 2022 where the world is runnin on wireless platform and thats where jupiter should release thier nfc key chains which will make a massive revelution in the neobanks and if the marketing of this product goes on smooth everything will be fine and the rate of the nfd card should go above 150 rs and it should be budget friendly I use nfc key card of pencilton and omni card which are expensive people will get attracted to this as the ui of jupiter is much more easy and the nfc key chains are cheap

Aren’t people using their phones to pay/receive nowadays? The use of physical cards, Keychains, is a bit less. No? :blobthink:

This must be the OmniCard Keychain.

In my opinion, I don’t find this useful. Its like an accessory already adding to the contactless cards. Plus this is only on the RuPay platform, I dont want a downgrade from Visa to Rupay. (Low acceptance rate internationally)