Online hacking attempt

@Vijay_Raj_Jindal Hai, Welcome to the community
I suggest you to create a support ticket by contacting the PayTM customer care (either by their chat option or by call)
Also, its better to highlight this issue on Twitter by tagging PayTM

How can someone utilise your Paytm postpaid limit without access to use your device.

Are you sure that no one had remote access to your device?

This is what I am fearing.

I did the same.

Can you share the SMS images after hiding the sensitive info (if any)?

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@kingzeusvj Can you recollect if you had received any calls similar to the one that I received?

Details here…

@Vijay_Raj_Jindal Can you recollect receiving any calls as I had as explained in the below link?

So for the fraud call that I had received for my Paytm postpaid account, I complained about the fraud. I got a call in 2 or 3 days.

But the funny thing is they said they won’t do any enquiry into the call as I hadn’t lost any money from my account.

I tried to explain to them that someone else could be affected and they might even lose the money.

Then the Paytm executive said that the best that they can do is block my account and then start the enquiry. I didn’t want my account blocked.

I think the Paytm processes need to improve.

As I have mentioned in my post (linked above), I got a call which asked for the Croma linking OTP on the pretext that the OTP would be used to stop the transaction.

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The best way to avoid fraud is to just do not use paytm postpaid. Most dangerous thing that paytm postpaid does not need OTP for each transaction (except login)

I activated postpaid with 60000 limit but I know the consequences very well, i called for block my postpaid next second.


nothing like this

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I too have a postpaid limit of 6000.
In that case, I felt Mobikwik much better in terms of security (they too have so many flaws)
They alert a user via sms about suspicious transaction attempted using ZIP balance and they display the OTP required to complete the transaction, on the app. They will not send OTP via sms


Do you have Mobikwik ZIP ?

Yes. The limit is around 9500.
I am planning to close all these credit lines one by one soon😁

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I causally checked whether I am eligible for some limit or not, hoping the limit can be used in some emergency. Also, I thought I would get that Zip Black Card when I saw on their app that physical card is coming soon. But it didn’t happen.

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Guess we all do this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Abhinav_Goyal Good for you…

Solution required

Aditya Birla did their so called investigation and have come up with plain vanilla solution that I have to make payment of 39k (even though it was a hacking on my account).

What can be the solution? Or next steps?

For first comers to this thread - read the first post to get idea.

I think they would argue that you have given the OTP for the transactions.

How to prove your case, I am not sure… :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you check if you have got any SMS from Paytm Postpaid (in case you don’t delete your OTPs)?

The banks also do the same. If you have given the OTP for the fraud transaction of a debit card or credit card, you will not be compensated for the fraud claim.

The fault has to be from the bank’s side due to some lapse or some hack on the bank.

@alexnazy I checked on same day for OTP as I had received 2 back to back emails for debit of 14k & 25k. There wasn’t any OTP message(s)

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