On-boarding Issue

I logged into Jupiter on 7th Jan. I verified everything and while doing Video Kyc App was not stable.

I contacted support they asked me to uninstall and reinstall.

I did so. Just to realize I am now being told that my details doesn’t match with the Jupiter Policy.

Please get it checked, my all details are legit even after Aadhr Verification I am being told you are not legit what more document I can provide it is me.

I contacted via Email, Chat everytime internal team is being told as a reason they flagged with data issue.

Please do something.

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I also have faced similar issue with my friend. Support is really terrible to help.

Switch to Fi, they have better people atleast to help.

@Nikhil_Godbole Can you please look into this and give a solution?

No one replied buddy :v::heart: look the one you tagged is also not avaliable.

Downfall of Jupiter is coming soon :soon:

Hello Tushant,

We see that you wish to onboard with us. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you further. Thank you.

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@Bhoomika_Gowda thanks for the action.

@Vineet_spade @Tushant_Wats Hope you get your solution. Please update here if you onboard with Jupiter.

Even I’m facing onboarding issue with no solution.