News on account freeze due to crypto txns


Thanks for sharing this @Jiten sir

@Jiten Thank you for sharing this. At our company, we have started conducting awareness huddles with our employees to explain the dangers involved in P2P transactions, crypto trading and for that matter any other activity which is in the grey area with the regulatory authorities to ensure none of their accounts get flagged at least for these reasons.

That’s why I never used crypto, but before government not collect tax from crypto. But when they charged tax from crypto currency… Then I never thought about crypto… Mining is good but investment like buying and selling not good.

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during covid lock down i purchased doge coin got almost 20% rise in a night withdraw whole money and uninstalled coin switch i tried with only 100. :sweat_smile:

One of my friend buying Bitcoin, when govt not added tax … Then he selling it approx 1 yr … when IND govt decides to add tax … With 1 cr :rofl: now he known in our area Bitcoin Raju

i thought if my money increased in such a crazy manner then i can also loose it in a crazy manner

1cr :blob_sweat: :blob_sweat: :blob_sweat:

Yes… Maybe he just invest some lacs money… With some international platform… Bcz that time in India haven’t any platform for crypto… He use paypal for transaction…

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