CA friends, Help me to calculate Virtual Digital Asset Tax

I have a Doubt I am student (no Income source). I don’t have knowledge about income TAX. So, Please help me I am confused after get known with New rules and 100% penalty.
I am still learning Crypto treading so, i started trading with small amount like 2-5k

How I Earned in crypto-

I did 11-12 trade and booked profit

Also , I also get Intreste on My crypto staking for whole 365 days of year (200-600rs)

Crypto Airdrop, Binanace Learn & Earn program

BAT Coin recieved in Uphold then transferred to Binanace

P2P method used for Deposit and Withdrawal in INR

In this financial year My Capital Gain is 2.03K income 264.32 (calculated by Binocs Website). Refer Attached screenshots

Am I need to pay 30% tax + 1% TDS?

● If Yes, then how much? Plz calculate for me (refer attached screenshot)

●what can happen with me, if I do not pay tax ?(because lack of information about crypto tax)

More information-

I use Binance App for trading and holding

And use P2P for withdrawal or Deposit (4-5 times in year)


If any free Websites is available, then please suggest me.
(Buying 900rs subscription is not making any sense)

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If your total income is less than 2.5 lakh per annum you don’t need to file itr or pay any taxes .
I think Hindu Undivided Family(HUF) and resident individuals are exempted from any small and long term capital gains if their total income in a financial year is less than 2.5lakh

** sorry crypto earning is taxable 30% + 1% cess above thing was only applicable for bonds and securities. If your income is less than 2.5lakh even then you have to pay this crypto tax .


Small correction, It’s Hindu Undivided Family(HUF)


yes yes correcting :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

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@Omkar18 crypto trading is actually loss Making you can’t even adjust losses while filing taxes.

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Yeah, its true. But i was not aware about VDA tax. I heard but i thought it will be not applicable to small profit like 2 or 3k.

Now I stuck in this trap because i already withdrawal some amount from Binance, so i need to pay Tax on that. So i used Binocs website but for Tax calculations websites asking to buy subscription (900rs/year).

I have 2 doubts and I am Finding CA here who can guide me

Am i need to pay tax on Capital gain (2.03k) or Income (264.32 rs).?

And is it 29%+1%TDS or 30% Tax + 1% TDS?

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@sneh.baxi @jigarmistry24 @priyanka_robert

Can you help me?. (Also suggested any idea to Save Tax)

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that extra 1% is for profits over 10k what I have read from news articles .

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Thank you…:pray:


It’s 30%Tax+1%TDS. But not clear about the threshold limit upon which this will be levied.


Thank you but am i need to pay TAX on 2.03k or on 263.34rs ?