Regarding crypto trading

Right now the cryptocurrency trading is not quite simple and also conversion is also tough.
Jupiter can provide a platform of crypto trading and also help to convert any crypto to INR with ongoing market rate.
In this way Jupiter will become something more than a neo banking platform that provides some ideas about trading too for newbies.

RBI guidelines doesn’t allow banks to associate with crypto currency.

I want to know why Bollywood actors are promoting crypto exchanges since few weeks?

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Oh you’ve seen it too?! There’s some buzz going on with Crypto lately. What’s trending? :thinking:

I heard that some regulations might be imposed on the profits through Crypto trading and most probably it would be in effect from February of next year.
I think it should be about the taxation.

If anyone know better about this please clarify.

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I saw one news that Indian government will charge Tax On Crypto.

I dont know what kind of regulations will come in for crypto. But its a certainty that crypto market will not be integrated with wider financial system, especially banking.