Cryptocurrency Wallet Built In

Are there any plans to add Cryptocurrency Trading and Wallet in Jupiter ?
In my Opinion it would be a great addition and simplify Finances as we could have all our assets in one app.
Also since crypto is the future, the sooner it’s added the better.

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If it is allowed regulatorily, we would do it.


This is a great suggestion. And as per RBI guidelines banks can use it.
And Jupiter IS not a BANK itself.
It can intrigrate both crypto & Bank at the same application.
This will boost sales.
Can be used for buisness growth.

Also if it could be like people can use Jupiter for marchant as well. It would be best.
AND FOR THE CHARGEBACK CLAIMS. either Jupiter can charge 1% fees for chargeback protections.
Or it can intrigrate the chargeback disputes inside the app itself like the PAYPAL.
BUT ONLY THING WE LIKE TO SEE THAT… for a single claim. FULL ACCOUNT shouldn’t be banned.
Only that part of the money need to be on hold. After disputes Jupiter should release the funds by itself.

It shouldn’t be like I dont care about other things or such.

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True. Crypto is future. Crypto is inevitable.

A separate app or feature modules would be good. Just to keep the app clutter free for those who don’t neet it.

I might be those 1% of people who actually don’t really regard very high of cryptocurrencies. Many people are just following the cryptocurrency buzz without actually diving more into the feasibility of it.

A currency is not meant to be insanely volatile and pure speculation. And in most cases, a regulated currency is more practical.

I see many people say “crypto is future. and it’s inevitable” but not many people seem to be interested in the “how” and “why” behind it. Just because big corporations have started to invest in cryptocurrencies, it still can’t convince me to believe otherwise. At the end of the day, the interests of retail and institutional investors don’t coincide.

Perhaps @JupiterTeam can post an article regarding it.

My main question about cryptocurrency is -

An immutable record with no central authority, I don’t know how that’s not inevitable. Good or Bad, some things are just inevitable.

Sounds more con to me😬

No doubt crypto is the future and it is inevitable too.
There is scope of a good return from it but on the other hand there’s still chance that you may end up losing your hard earned money too.

May be not all of it but there’s still chance you won’t be able to withdraw it because May be your crypto portfolio is going down and you may have to wait longer for the market to recover inorder to withdraw your money.

There’s little chance that the coin where you are interested in will give you a exponential profit (I’m neglecting DOGE and SHIB)

There’s still some coins which attract me because of their fundamentals (ADA).

In many ways crypto currencies are like stocks - some of them will go onto become big and give huge returns for its investors, some will be darn average, many will not.
Just like the fact that whether a stock will do good in long term depends on the actual business organisation and company of people behind it, same goes for crypto currencies as well. A crypto currency with a good use case and a solid development team with good track record will do good whereas upstarts with no fundamentally good purpose will tank.
If you check how many crypto currencies were there in 2016 in the market and compare to the ones that are still in the market and the ones that have gone bust, it will become very clear.