Crypto Friendly Banks in India

Cryptocurrency friendly Bank in India

Nowadays, all Indian crypto exchanges facing issues from the bankside on a huge scale, but apparently crypto market is on the boom in India.

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Do you think the new Neo banks should also start including crypto also in there payment methods?

I don’t think that to be the case. Major banks are pulling the plug on crypto. Recently PayTM backed off for crypto. Honestly, if the RBI keeps a hostile approach towards cryptocurrencies, there’s little to nothing banks can do. As they’ll have to comply, even as an informal stance.

Secondly, Jupiter is supposed to be marketed as a smart neo banking app for managing your money efficiently. So, introducing a super volatile investment instrument to masses is not something that would make sense imo.


Now when I’m opening Paytm they are showing ads of crypto :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can see ad of Jupiter on Phonepe too.
Nowadys Phonepe promotes lots of other apps in its app.

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Yes, I saw many ads of Jupiter IN PhonePe
they are saying get 1% cashback on Jupiter.

But they don’t know we are already On Jupiter and Getting 10% Cashback :crossed_fingers:

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