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The form that must be submitted depends upon your income and can be downloaded from the official website of the income tax department. The different types of ITR forms that are available are mentioned below:

PS: Last Date to file: 10/01/2021


How does the long term capital gains tax work with equity based mutual funds? Is the tax only on profits or the full selling value of the units?

If I have already paid advance taxes and have no dues or refunds, can I skip filing of income tax return?

How are we supposed to file cryptocurrency related fillings?

What is the cycle of filing taxes, I mean I started working in September 2020 so should I be filing this fiscal?

Has anyone started receiving returns for this year? I filled in June and haven’t seen any updates since then. All my colleagues with whom I checked are also waiting! :frowning:

lol, guess I won’t be able to file it before 16th!
Are penalties applicable or not?

Yes, there would be penalty applicable under 234F, could be anything between 1000 to 10000 just for delay in filing!

Hey Sanya, the due date on 10th of Jan 2021 is for FY 19-20. So don’t think you will have to file a return for work started from Sep 2020

Payment through advance tax/ TDS/ TCS will still mean you will have to file a return. So go get to it, right away :slight_smile:

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