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Tax season is here, and it can feel overwhelming. But hey, take a deep breath because you’re not alone in this maze of forms and numbers. Our incredible community is here to help & make the tax-filing journey less intimidating.

Whether you’re a pro or a first-timer, we’ve got your back. Let’s learn, grow, and have some laughs together!

Which one are you?
  • :sunglasses: Experienced Pros: Share your tried-and-tested tips, workarounds, and suggestions.
  • :sweat_smile: First-Timers: Embrace the thrill of the unknown!
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If you’re an experienced pro at this, help empower those who are taking their first steps into the tax world!
Also, for the first timers, Share your questions, concerns & doubts.

Let’s support each other and embark on this journey together! Make this post the go-to place for all things tax-related! :sparkles:
Happy weekend!


Neither the Pro nor the first timer :joy:
The only thing I got experience is with regard claiming the TDS refunds.

The college where I worked as a guest faculty deducts 10% TDS from our monthly remuneration. None of the faculties cross the income tax eligible limit.
So it’s super easy to claim TDS (since the details are pore filled).
Just open the portal> login > click next> again next> again next> verify with aadhar OTP> Done

No complicated calculations :joy:
No need for any deductions😂


First timer here. I filed ITR just to understand how it works, get an early experience etc…
I am still a student so no income . I loved the AIS portal :heart:.

YouTube was helpful.


If anyone is interested in availing services from professionals then “Jupiter X Clear Tax” offer is there, offering upto 50% off on ITR filling plans on clear tax.

I don’t know the exact details, just spotted the banner in the app.


Experienced Pros: As i am a Cost Accountant, it,s in our core area of study and in practice.

Tips:- Always Check AIS if any TDS deducted for any SFT transaction and filling ITR accordingly.


ITD spamming in my email and SMS :expressionless: I already filled and claimed, when i mailed they say they can’t do anything it’s automatically generated.
If i block I block never received important mail, so i created a level :sleeping: deleted after reviewing

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Yes, the email from ITD is system generated and you must see some word like “ignore if already filed”.

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I have an TDS deduction amount of -63000 in my jupiter account … If I deposit that amount on the account is there any possibility to claim refund…? Please help

I couldn’t get it… :eyebrow: :eyebrow:
Further, I am not a tax expert, bro :sweat_smile:

Please check that on which Section your TDS deducted by checking AIS in Income Tax Portal.

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Yes, you need to download the TDS certificate from Jupiter/ federal Bank, if FD 15G/H and tax report from mutual fund , then upload in it file, and mention the amount.

But this year your annual income should be below 5 lacs for full claim


TCS aspart of 26 AS


Many Bank, even fi , niyox offering some discount on online tax advisor plan in various website or app ( like clear tax ). But Jupiter didn’t why ?

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There is a cleartax discount offer on Jupiter as well.

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But it’s not showing in my app :unamused:

R u iOS user?

TCS is

It also showing in Android.

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Could you please share the link of the portal🙏🏻for claiming the tds. I am in a similar situation as you. 10% tds deducted for working as a subject expert.

You have to file your income tax return on income tax portal.