CryptoCurrency in India

Anyone using CoinDCX or any other cryptocurrency exchange to buy cyptocurrencies?
What are your reviews?

I too just downloaded CoinDCX and tbh it has the Fastest onboarding i have seen recently in a crypto app. Investment done in no time

I have been using Zebpay and a very early adopter in the ecosystem (that time there were no alternatives).

Zebpay has been okay. The higher spread/price to buy a bitcoin is a deterrent. On the other hand, a real close friend who has 80% portfolio in bitcoins and altcoins highly favours wazirx among the three. We both buy bitcoin and then transfer to Binance/other crypto exchanges and then convert bitcoin to other alt coins.

A lot of recent buzz on bitcoin trading at all-time high, and coupled with a lot of funding /acquisition wazirx and coin dcx are riding high user adoption. So this funding should enable these platforms to become even better.

Did any of you jump on the bandwagon recently? Bitcoin specifically reached ~30k levels a week back! I am still on the contemplating stage. Will check out the platforms you’ll mentioned! Thanks @goldi @Kashish

Been an early adopter at Zebpay since 2017.
Recently started using CoinSwitch (introduced through CRED).
Most of my transactions (very small % though) happen through CoinSwitch and happy with speed at which transactions are completed. Withdrew a currency to my bank which happened instantly.
Tried Wazirx and it seems to be okay.

I also use to transfer all my BAT rewards (through BRAVE web browser) which is pretty decent.

How have you’ll changed your CryptoCurrency investing behaviour post RBI’s stance?
Seems like the investors pumping in money continues

@rushabhd97 Did you end up investing after all?

So I work as a Digital Marketing Manager for a Crypto currency Exchange in the UK and I thought it would be a good idea to make a video on the Crypto scenario in India since there is a massive interest in people to look at Crypto as an Investment and trading option.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
The Current Indian Cryptocurrency Scenario

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