Networth with Account Aggregator πŸ“Š

Phew! Finally.

Do text me Federal Management ka address so I may Swiggy them a few biryanis. This deserves a party, even if they are woefully late to it. :smile:

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Do you guys think you are showing your all bank balance to them? If some stranger ask how much money deos your banks has? Are you ready to share it with him?

@Shawnpinto @Lakhan_Suchdev Any timeline when this issue will be resolved?
Before launching the new features, the existing features should be working fine, right!! :frowning:

Still no sign of Federal in AA.

Hi @nateavi we have made Federal Bank live, along with UCO Bank & Karnataka Bank on Account Aggregator. You can check & connect your accounts now.

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Thank you! Should have received an app notification to let me know about this. But regardless, it’s a welcome addition.

But like all things federal, it doesn’t work. They take wayyyyyy too many breaks! :sweat_smile:

I’ll try again later.

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