Networth with Account Aggregator 📊

Hi @svineels,

You can check the option of connecting other accounts on your consolidated bank balances screen & also the spending insights screen.

If you are not able to see it, pls share your registered number with us, and we will check on our end if there is any issue.


Sure. DMed you the registered mobile number.

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My AA accounts were refeshed last on 11 Nov. Till now they have not refreshed. Shouldn’t they be refreshed once on a daily basis? Is this a bug? @Shawnpinto @Lakhan_Suchdev

They should have been refreshed :blobthink:
Yes, it happens once a day.

You did make new transactions right? @svineels

Yup. I did make new transactions.

We will get this checked for you. I’ll let you know if anything comes up. :slight_smile:

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@Shawnpinto My balances and trasactions with connected accounts are not refreshing daily. Last refreshed on 17th nov. There must be a bug. You people need to fix this I think.

@Shawnpinto please take a note of this!!

Noted. :mag:
We’ll check this.

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Has federal finally joined AA yet? Please tell me yes.

@nateavi You’re our lucky charm :shamrock: :eyes:

Getting Federal added to AA is being tested today. It should be live soon. We’ll update this thread once it does.

We’re also checking other banks like:

  1. Karnataka Bank
  2. Indian Overseas Bank
  3. UCO Bank
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@Shawnpinto what about canara bank? When will it be live?

I could add jupiter in fi’s account aggregator… Jupiter pots account is also detected

Is this issue only for me or for everyone? @Shawnpinto
It also keeps showing connecting other accounts continuously :frowning:
Anyone else in the community can also confirm please!

Same here

There’s some issue with transaction data not getting updated. We’ve raised this with the bank and Finvu.

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Hi @svineels, can you pls share details of this issue - ‘It also keeps showing connecting other accounts continuously’?

@Lakhan_Suchdev After connecting a new account, transaction data keep fetching. ‘Adding account transactions and generating Insights’ .

Yes. Yesterday what I did was to revoke access to FinVu and relinked the bank accounts. Still it shows “Connecting other accounts” continuously today morning too.

Don’t worry soon we will get a better player in the payment aggregation market.

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