More Transaction Details


Currently on Clicking Any Transaction kn Transaction details
give me a brief detail about transaction such as Ref no. and Name.

Whil other Bank shows full details and No.

I Received a Anonymous fund and I am unable to identify the payee here.


@Bilal24 You should reach out to the support team for this. I know you did mention that you are also facing an issue with the in-app chat function & hence sending them an email will help you get more details about this.


Already did but didn’t received Any reply.

Perfect. They do take some time to respond. Having said that, I do see the merit in your suggestion in providing a little detail about the transaction.

Yes it was Resolved.

They said it was by CAMS ( SEBI)
they credited by single single Rupee (still don’t know why many times)

But me Point still stands , if the transaction were more details like other Banks (Kotak, Sbi ,hdfc ,Paytm)

I would not need to ask Support or Raise a ticket just to know who is the payee.


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Agree. It can be time consuming. Additional details would help

They drop a penny to your account for verification purpose.

Btw, your suggestion has a valid point.

You could try generating a transaction statement tomorrow and get the full details.

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Single rupee transaction used for account verification.

You can use federal Bank mobile app or net banking for full details, also u can download the statement for full details.

Sani I was Using Fednetbanking just the day earlier

But now not able to login due to 2fa.

Not receiving otp for netbanking and Federal Bank helpline says ask jupiter but I am using federal banking.

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And when we ask Jupiter for help regarding netbanking. They say we do not support netbanking.

Manish, the feature is live. If you are facing an issue, please report it via email (will not mention chat as I know you are facing issues with it)

Net banking supported now

There was some linking problem maybe, fed mobile app saying no email is linked but Jupiter showing email ID already linked.

Keep trying if anytime success, just off the 2fA



Have you unknowingly enabled app based OTP (Totp ).

Maybe but my Question is who will resolve this

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Bilal, if this issue with an account number which was originally opened with Federal Bank, then it should be Federal Bank that needs to help you fix it.

Have you tried federal Bank customer care?

Couldn’t find any proper customer contact info, try this one. I am sure internet banking problems of federal Bank should be resolved with federal Bank customer care itself.

I called on federal bank customer care no.

they asked to contact jupiter. (refer my above replies)