Account Statement glitch

Transactions for the 1st day of the month not showing in Account Statement

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Hey @Satyajit_Singh , thanks for pointing this out.
This shouldn’t have happened.

We’re looking into it.


Please hide your some last number of yr account also

Once you post something in jupiter community, you cannot delete it later on even though the delete button is there. Just click the pencil icon and see the old message.

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Still, the issue is not resolved.

I have urgently required statements for the 1st April transaction.

Get it from federal bank netbanking.

Hi Niranjan, i know you might have answered this question a million times and i adding one more - is there a work around to registering for Federal Bank netbanking? In my last attempt (about 2 months back) I was blocked stating the debit card is not registered.

Do u have FI account? If yes try using that. After I registered for net banking using Jupiter. All 3 of my account appears. (Federal, FI, Jupiter)

I don’t. I just use Jupiter nor do i have any other Federal Bank account.

Can u contact customer support. At first I used to get link from them to generate bank statement. There u don’t need to enter debit card details. Account number is enough. OTP will be generated.

Hey @Satyajit_Singh

Due to bank reconciliation processes, some transactions executed early in the first day of any month may reflect in the previous days account statement. To view these transactions, you can request for the statement previous month and you should be able to see it there.

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