Money tab improvements | Cash flows & more 📊

@Husain01 please share your email ID and phone number [those that you use on Jupiter] and I’ll get you added. Do DM me.


Any updates on when this will roll out? I still haven’t gotten it.

@Simranjit_Bakshi It’s been almost two weeks since I provided my details.

Any timeline on how much time it takes for such updates?


It’s been around a month now,

After initial testing,

I haven’t bothered to view new cash flow feature till now,
simply because I can’t understand it, quite complex and makes me confusing.

Well I have interacting with the new cashflow UI and for some reason it didn’t update toe balance properly for like 4 - 5 days. There always used to be some mismatch in showcasing the balances.

There was a glitch with Jupiter Account Aggregation over the past weekend. That’s the reason for the balances being out of sync. But now it’s sorted out.

You may check out the below threads regarding that issue.

@Husain01 Do you still have issues with the account aggregation?

Okie, this was the issue. It works properly now!

you got the access to it?


lucky you :confused:

I think your are lucky to have old one bro,

Initially I felt good later on I started to miss the old ine

@Pratyushh we’re sorry to hear that. Cannot find your email details on the form. Please DM me your phone # and email id (that you use of Jupiter) and we will enable it for you.

@Ajieethdesign - we hear you; improvements coming up soon. Do keep sharing your feedback. It’s immensely valuable.

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@Simranjit_Bakshi Please enable the swiping from the Monthly tab to the Networth tab. It’s sticking out badly for me.

@Simranjit_Bakshi I sent you 15 days back and now sent you again!

I think this inspiration is taken from salt app, experience is almost the same

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@Simranjit_Bakshi circling back with some feedback for a notification linked to the new money tab. Received the following notification to check the top spend categories. The balance mentioned in the notification is way less than the actual balance in my Jupiter account.

Yagnesh - thanks for sharing the feedback. Did this match your “left”
number from the cashflow widget? Or did you think this is your overall
balance altogether?

@Simranjit_Bakshi this did not match the “left” balance as well as actual balance in my Jupiter account

@yagnesh01 Thanks for reaching out. Looking into the issue. This data was as of 19th Oct 11:59 PM, if you exclude today’s transactions will the left number be less than 54k as mentioned in the notification?

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@Sarthak_Jain for 20th, I have only had transactions that total 360. The difference between the actual balance and “left” balance is 49,237