Milestone tracker?

Does the new campaign have any tracker for the clearance of milestones? It would be cool to have one though.


Hi! Are you talking about the Referral Carnival by any chance? :thinking:
Edit: My bad, it’s the Love at every swipe - Debit Card campaign.

Good idea tbh. A tracker can help users know their current progress. I’ll share this with the team.

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Love in every swipe campaign.

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What is the campaign period and what are the prizes?


Hey @Sanish_Samuel the details of this campaign would be mentioned in the rewards tab.

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I don’t see any info on the rewards tab.

Could you let us know what is the offer period of this campaign

Sure thing. @Sanish_Samuel The validity for this campaign is March 11, 2023.


This is super strange in the email from Jupiter support they said that the campaign is valid till 1 March 2023.

Who is correct then ?

The support got it wrong. It was 11 March last I checked.