Jupiter love in every swipe campaign

I was winner jn thisJupiter love in every swipe campaign campaign and they have given my voucher after its expiry called customer care told to wait no response i want compensation against this

What was the contest regarding, and on which platform was it organized? Just curious to know

@Kaushal_Shaw When was this raised with the customer support & they provide you with a timeline for resolution?

No solution provided

Kushal, while as of now the support team has not provided a solution, have they sought time to look into this?

If yes, I’d recommend you wait for that time for them to review this and get back to you. If you don’t receive a response by that time, you can share the ticket# with @Shawnpinto via DM and he will assist you with the next steps.

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When did you contact the support team? There’s usually a delay of 1-2 days in almost all cases. Since they’ve instructed you to wait, I hope it gets resolved as soon as possible.