Jupiter RuPay credit card all transactions failing

@Priyanka_Mat Kindly DM me the Credit Card bill payment screenshot or transactions details as I unable to locate the same in the system.
There is barely any limit left on the card to use and I can see that multiple transactions today have still gone through without any issues.

If you need any further details, please ask the Card user to get in touch with us.

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It is. Also, the merchant has enabled Rupay UPI transactions. It went through the first time. But then, failing everytime. Tried on two different merchants.

Oh…Try reporting it via chat option on the app or by mailing to edge-csb-support@jupiter.money

Your UPI transaction of Rs 16000.00 via your Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card failed on G R THANGAMALIGAI. Need help? Call 8655055086. Thanks for using the Jupiter app.

I did this bigger amount transaction today and it failed ,but smaller amount transactions are getting through smoothly.

@Boopalan_T When did you activated your card? I think there is some limit restriction of 10000 for 24 hours of activation.
Please do check the limit settings option also.

Ohh i didnt know that ,Thanks mate . I activated the card yesterday only

Review based on usage so far…

If your transaction is successful on a merchant and you attempt another transaction on a different merchant, it will be flagged suspicious. Logic level: CSB.

I have SBI Rupay card and I do 10+ scan and pay transactions on some days. Never an issue.

That’s interesting. I use the Jupiter Rupay card as my daily driver and have not faced this issue.

Hi, same happens for me from Feb and it has not been resolved till now. Also I called 8655055086 and pressed 4 which says for enquiry of csb bank credit card it says invalid input. Please get it fixed.

I am not able to make a single payment, please proactively look into it and get it fixed. Thanks

In rupay credit card The previous offer of up to 5% cashback was good, but now the 2% cashback isn’t as appealing. I got the card specifically for the up to 5% cashback, but now that it’s changed, it’s highly disappointing. :cry::cry:

I am also getting the same issue from last one day. All the UPI or QR code scanning transaction are getting failed.

@Nikhil_Godbole I am also facing the same issue of transaction decline. The more Pathetic thing is to observe that you have many users who are facing this issue of transaction failure. Yet instead of fixing your system, you are asking mobile number on DM. There is no surprise that one day a authority like RBI takes strict action and then large hue and cry starts.

Not able to make bill payments from my csb credit card since 2 days.

Hello Nikhil.

We’ve noted your concern. We’ll be reaching out to you via direct message to discuss this matter further.

Thank you.

Hello Sanket.

We hear your concern. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. We are connecting with you via DM to assist you further.

Thank you.

@safwan.ahmed @Nikhil_Godbole No body has reached to me. I have reached to your desk via phone and has got a funky reply that 3 working days are required to address this issue. Please share the contact details of CSB Bank persons. I don’t think it is doable with your app or executives.

I have been having the same issue