Jupiter RuPay credit card all transactions failing


All my credit card transactions are getting failed from last 3 weeks, whether it’s UPI, card swipe or online payment im just getting the same error

“Your UPI transaction of Rs xxx via your Edge CSB Bank RuPay Credit Card failed on Jio Postpaid Bill Payment. Need help? Call 8655055086. Thanks for using the Jupiter app.”

Tried customer chat 4 times and they are just mentioning they are escalating but no update, tried calling customer care it doesn’t even connect with executive.

It’s really frustrating for a banking service to be so slow in addressing issue.

Is this only me or other users are facing same kind of issue with credit card.

Hi @Venkata_Dhanush , this shouldn’t have happened :blob_worried:
The team would like to get this checked for you. I’d need a few details, reaching out to you over DMs :email:

2 weeks for me, and still failing

You’re not alone! I am also facing the exact same issues, and whenever I connected with customer care, they all kept saying we would resolve the issue within 48 hours, and this same statement has been repeated back and forth for about 3 weeks now. There is balance in the card, but still there have been so many transaction fails, which include online and offline transactions and scanning too. They are not even telling what’s the issue; they keep saying they will pass the complaint and resolve it in 48 hours. It’s extremely frustrating, and now I’m not sure what to do with the card since it’s not working.

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@Priyanka_Mat Could you please DM your registered mobile number as we are unable to retrieve any information regarding Rupay Credit Card on your profile.

I have just shared the details.

@Priyanka_Mat Thank you. Team will get in touch with the user directly on the same.

Alright, shall wait for the same. Thanks.

Same for me as well. All UPI transactions are failing since 2 days
@Nikhil_Godbole - can you assist me here ?

@praneeth0448 Getting it checked.

Any update ? Still same issue persists for me.

Same for me, what is the issue?

@praneeth0448 We can see that your transactions are going through.

Same! I was trying to pay to a merchant via this card but it failed everytime. In the end, I had to pay via regular UPI on the Jupiter app. :sob: 1-2 jewel not earned! Few days back I paid via Rupay Credit card and it worked fine. I hope in future, this issue won’t appear again.


got 3-4 calls and last one was from transaction monitoring team as he claim. But still can’t understand what was the purpose of those calls. None of the executives doesn’t have any idea what’s the reason for payment failure and when it can be resolved. Ultimately wasted time on call. 1 month Nd counting. Card is totally dead.

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@Nikhil_Godbole After the credit card bill was cleared 24 hours ago, the transactions have started to go through. As it’s a new bank and product on the market, the representative explained, she asked to pay the credit card bill. After payment, it will function and transactions will be processed because the first bill limit has already been exceeded by about 70%. That shouldn’t be used as an excuse because there was balance in the card—it wasn’t exhausted or anything. All I can hope for is that this doesn’t happen again. Now that the card is working, it is a relief, and I hope that it will continue to get better.

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@Priyanka_Mat Thanks for the confirmation.

We are happy that transactions are going through and we were able to support you.

@Priyanka_Mat just a general tip. Never cross 30% of your credit limit. Utilisation ratio will be more and the credit score will go down as the credit agencies assume that you are in more need of money and so you have no money. I understand that your sanctioned credit limit may be less. In that case you can add money (pay in advance) to the credit card and then spend it (yes I do understand that the purpose of a credit card is defeated). But ultimately this will help to increase your credit limit and your credit score as well.

Thanks for the update about your card working. It helps the community. :smiley: :+1:


Well, thanks for the tip. I’m well aware of the same. If the bills have been fully paid on time or before their due date, I don’t think there should be any concerns. It’s just that CC bill payments shouldn’t be skipped or defaulted on. That’s the only time it’s dangerous for the Cibil score. Also, the whole point of having a credit card is to use it in times of emergency or when required for XYZ reasons, and when the bills have been paid on time, irrespective of the consumption of the limit. Of course, without exhausting the limit, I don’t see the problem. I’ve used other credit cards, and I never had any issues regarding the usage limit. I’m only seeing it as an issue here on Jupiter.

Thanks anyway :blush:

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Same I was requested by support guy, to clear bill even though it was only 15% of my limit and I am still awaiting transactions to go through, should clearly say to clear bill to do more transaction instead of bringing horrible experience to customer, all I can say I am very disappointed with Neo bank shenanigans.

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