Jupiter pots account

Recently I have got an international transaction but by mistake I have sent pots account number so i would like to ask whether my money is gone or it will come eventually

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If I’m not wrong, provided the correct Savings Pot account number and IFSC code are given, the amount will be deposited into the ‘Savings Pot.’
This is what happened when I tried a transfer via Gpay by entering Pots account number and IFSC code.
Hope @Samarth_Tiwari can clarify

Will it take time to reflect into my account

It may take some time to reflect it in the account.
Has the transaction completed? If so, at what time?
You may also receive SMS and email notifications regarding POTS account credit.

If its not reflecting, you can create a support ticket by mailing to support@jupiter.money

The person’s bank account has been deducted with the money

I called customer care and they told me it will take 1 working day to reflect the transaction and I have given correct details also.

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Ok. Then there is no issue. Then the amount may be credited by Monday, since tomorrow and day after are not working days

This is interesting. I didn’t know that you could do this. Great!

I do understand that Pots is it’s own account but still I thought that it’s Jupiter internal use only.

Thanks @razack for sharing.

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