Jupiter cashback and why you cannot expect much

Jupiter cash back is changed ,it will mostly for normal online transactions not give you cash back and will have a expected answer if not eligible
My suggestion to you and newer Jupiter members is make small transaction on a merchant account if 100 to see if cash back is eligible and then make a bigger
Also if you expect other bank card to give you cash back like hdfc go for it first
Example I paid for jio mart order via Simpl and did not get but had I paid for JioMart order via jio mart I would have got

I have paid on JioMart via Simpl Got Rs.30 as a Cashback.

I paid on Simpl for jio mart order 350â‚ą
Don’t get
I raised a issue spoke with customer care via app
She is like we sorry not eligible
This happed from 9th
Now you see why it’s a worrisome trend
A transaction is eligible or not will not b show or told
Hence try with a limited smaller 100â‚ą only to see the cash back then no a bigger for assurance

I’m saying about Simpl Pay Later.

You will see the next time you pay …….

This offer is valid for 1 time Only.

Please note all offline transactions are now not eligible for cash back
All offline including app payu,all razor pay,amazon swiggy zomato simpl lazy pay
,raising a ticket will will b given the normal excuse of sorry not eligible
I suggest of not using Jupiter debit card for online payment
Also in this case 1% cash back on all transactions was a lie and should notb used
Debit card for offline transactions might work till they do away with that also
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