Smart Cashbacks

We need tailor made cash back offers that cater to every user’s need. For example, Jupiter notices I spend ₹2000 on Amazon fresh (multiple transactions spread over weeks) and offers me a custom made ₹30 cash back with a fancy little note explaining why.

Jupiter notices me paying ₹300 every week at a petrol station and offers me a surprise ₹10 cash back out of the blue, but with another fancy little notification explaining why.

The point being:

It’d be cool to know my bank cares about how I manage my finances, and that I have cashbacks (or offers n coupons- in the not so distant future) tailor made for me, as an individual.

Jupiter- A bank for YOU, not just an average customer. Stuff like that.


They can’t burn cash like that.

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Fair point. But a man can dream! I’m after personalised rewards n offers. Stuff that’s tailor made for users, considering Jupiter does have that potential- they are sitting on a massive pile of user data.

They may figure a way out :smile:

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One definitely can. Not all dreams turns to reality. I am not being pessimistic but being practical.
Also at present Jupiter is not monetized. So source of income is limited. Jiten is burning his own and his VCs cash atm.

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The offer page needs to be updated and categorised, allow to see more visa offers and bank offers.


@goneo It’s not burning. In short, this can be easily achieved by gauging user LTV and aligning revenue share from the interchange fee. I second @nateavi.


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