User Spend Based Reward System

Maybe Jupiter can provide a questionnaire to understand the user spends or analyze it based on our spends in the app and then provide rewards system based on that.

Take my example…
I am a user who spends on the following.

  1. Offline Shopping
  2. Online Shopping (BB Daily,Milk Basket)
  3. Petrol for my bike and car
  4. Rent payment

So may be there can be a customized rewarding experience based on my spends. Eventhough the banks try to address it through their credit cards, I haven’t seen a card which satisfies all my spend types. There can be a customizable credit card… :slight_smile:


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@RaghavS This is what makes it personalised. Agreed.
We’re working towards that :slight_smile:

@Shawnpinto Debit Card 1% rewards will get expired in June?

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