Value of Jupiter pro benefits for credit card users

Jupiter credit card reward value per 100rs spend will be definitely more than debit card spend value.
So how will we earn jewels for debit card(150jewel) /upi(100 jewel) spend per month ???
(Logically after receiving Jupiter credit card we will be spending via credit card for online/offline purchases and pay credit card bill from bank account via UPI or debit card)

Possible solution in this case i can suggest will be to include more eligible merchant options for earning jewel…etc


@DigitaL Welcome back. You have some interesting observations on debit v/s credit card usage. As we inch closer to the launch date of the credit card pilot, it remains to be seen how the offering shaps up.


Great to have you back and contributing to the community, @DigitaL. While I completely agree with your suggestion, I would like to share my thoughts as well.

The reward system for Jupiter Credit cards is currently top secret and known only to the team handling it :rofl: :rofl:. Additionally, credit card offerings may only be extended to a select few members, typically 5% or less, while the majority of members (90-95%) use debit cards instead. Furthermore, not everyone may choose to use their credit cards for spending, as some users may have lower spending habits, prefer not to make impulsive purchases, and may opt to keep their utilization rate low to avoid negatively impacting their credit scores. In such cases, they may choose to use their debit cards instead. (These are my personal opinions only.)