Jupiter app pop ups

I was earlier getting glaring full page popups in my face whenever I opened by jupiter app to order the physical debit card. Seriously why are such popups needed? These popups cover almost the entire screen and show up (almost) everytime you open the app - which makes it really really annoying. It’s not even mandatory to order the physical debit card to use the app, then why force on to the user such full-page popups? The funny part is that - There’s no way to disable such popups as well. Are PMs are Jupiter this incompetent to not design an app to be not annoying?

Anyways I ordered the debit card eventually, just to be able to stop these popups. Now I’ve started getting full page popups for instant credit loans (0% interest i think) to my jupiter account. For god gracious, i don’t need your god damn loans or investment options - just keep them to yourself and don’t shove them to my face. Is it really tough to understand for the jupiter team what a good user experience is supposed to be? Have you used any of the other apps like HDFC etc - do they ever shove it up your face with full page popups for instant loans? Then why are you doing it? Ever used Fi app or Wise app or Revolut app - have you seen them do such awful things? Just makes me wonder if the PMs at Jupiter are seriously this incompetent to not know how to design the most basic and really trivial user experience.

Can you atleast provide a god damn popup to disable these popups. Ideally these popups should be set to “off” by default, if the jupiter team cares about unobtrusive user experience by any stretch and means. Sorry it’s been a really frustrating experience using the jupiter app, that I was forced to create this account here and report this issue. I hold an account with multiple other neobanks like Fi, Wise, Niyo etc - never ever faced such annoying issues with them. I’m actually planning to close my jupiter account for good, if this continues for long term as well. There’s no point using a so-called “neobank” who’s only moot is supposed to be good user experience, ironically falter on such trivial things.

A Bajaj finance pests you with spam calls which even if you have DND turned on they won’t oblige, while similarly a Jupiter app spams your eyes with full page popups which you can’t deny for. It’s just a glorified tech version of spamming your eyes with such popups, and not providing a way to disable those.

@Jiten if you have even the remotest importance on providing customers with a good unobtrusive user experience, you shall ask your team to prioritise for disabling these full screen popups for good.

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cc: @Shawnpinto

Hey @jupiteruser1 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the pop ups.

Do note that these pop ups show up once per event. If you were to dismiss them, then yes it shouldn’t appear again.

If it did, that could mean:

  1. You’ve shown some intent to buy/use the feature.
  2. Could be an error on our front.

We’ll need to check either ways.

Apart from this, I’d recommend to avoid using terms like “What the team is smoking” or the word damn.

This isn’t the platform for it. We have certain rules and guidelines which we expect our members to follow.

Hope you understand.

Meanwhile, now that you’ve passed on your feedback, I’d need certain details from you to understand the pop up behaviour.

Pinging you privately.

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Thanks for the prompt response! I apologise, but I’ve been insanely frustrated with using the Jupiter app as you can imagine. Whenever I speak to your customer care all they give is standard bot-like responses.

Even if I show an intent to purchase anything - I don’t want these full page popups. I just want to use the app without any of your marketing or anything. Do you understand the meaning of consent based advertising? Even with HDFC and other apps - they ask for consent before to call you.

You want to add smart marketing campaigns sure add them, but also provide a way to disable them. Understand the difference between those? I’d say even if you are doing 1 above without user consent and moreover “not providing a way to disable these pesty popups”, then it is “indeed” an error on your front.

Ever subscribed to a newsletter with multiple marketing campaigns - they provide for a way to explicitly disable them also isn’t it? Then why wouldn’t you? As I mentioned - If you’re not doing it then all your app is just nothing but a glorified version of bajaj finance. They spam you happily over calls with overriding your DND consent, while Jupiter spams you in your face in the app world without giving you an option to override the same. It’s perfectly analogous to me as you can imagine. What’s really the difference? @Shawnpinto

Sure, happy to connect on DM.

Agreed. This is fair to ask.
On that note, we’ll take some decisions here for the pop up.

Your use case helps us understand how users experience with the pop ups.

Thanks for being open with us btw. :blob_thanks:

Can you just add an option to the app to disable marketing popups of any sort in the jupiter app? I think that should help solve for everything. @Shawnpinto @Jiten

You might run 100s of your marketing campaigns then, but I don’t want to be part of even one of them. I just want to be allowed to use my bank account in peace. A RM in the physical banking world pests you with adding more investments, which we try to avoid for and run away from. If you do the same on Jupiter then I’m not sure what’s the difference really? @Shawnpinto

Also it’d help if you can please let me know if you can either add this feature on the app anytime soon, or disable all popups of any kind for my account specifically. This is really basic 101 really, and if you didn’t think of this before designing your so-called “smart” marketing campaigns then that’s taking a long jump in a big puddle of water.

I’ve been super frustrated with Jupiter and if this continues the way it is going - then I might be forced to close the account. In all honesty the only reason I took the efforts to create an account here and post this, is because I want to give a chance to Jupiter and wish to continue my account. It’s not like I’ve made up my mind and rigid about closing itself. Happy to give a chance - but as it goes everything has certain thresholds.

So please let me know if you can add this feature to disable your “smart popups” anytime soon on your app? @Shawnpinto @Jiten

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