Annoying loan/credit card banner ad at home screen at start up

So I was using Zomato to order dinner for me. I chose Jupiter to pay for the food. As soon as Zomato opened Jupiter for me, I assumed I would be on payment page but I was on the annoying ad about loan or credit card which I clicked accidentally which took me to another page so I had to get back and in whole confusion, my payment got canceled. I ended up using Google Pay for the payment.

This is not the first time this has happened.

Same thing happened when I was buying something from Zepto.

So Jupiter got to get rid of that annoying pop up ad about loan or credit card which we get at every app start. Every time user is in hurry, it causes issue. I now subconsciously don’t use Jupiter when I need to make an important payment or when I am in a hurry.

User experience has become bad and this will only guarantee that user will stop using app let alone take credit card or loan out of sheer annoyance.


I am facing the same issue while using zomato. Also, instead of the payment completion home screen pops up after entering UPI PIN.

Yeah they need to add condition that this pop up ad never comes up when user is on payment page.

I think the mistake currently is happening is that pop up open when app opens with the mindset that user will be on home page first.

But sometimes Jupiter app is opened by other apps and we are directly at payment stage. This pop-up never should come at that time.

Payment screen should be completely off limit for popups .

It’s fixed in current release