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I’m not sure if it is just with my Android evice, but from few days, when I open Jupiter, the landing page is “Loans” Tab instead of “Accounts” tab. Is there a way to change the default landing page ?:joy::sweat_smile:

App Version : 2.1.4

Same here.
May be they are focusing to create interest for customers to take loans.

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Yes. But i wish there was an option to change the default landing page. Personally, I felt annoying to see Loans tab whenever I open the app.

Similar strategies are being used by ICICI and other banking services too. They keep flooding the app with Loans Banners after logging in.

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TBH, the experience is not very good with jupiter for me these days.
Too many bugs and errors now.
Since last week some transactions are even missing from transaction history and CC says to keep waiting till it gets resolved.
Since yesterday, seriously considering closing the account.

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Hello, yes for a small cohort of loan approved users we have enabled an experiment with loans as default tab. The reason being, we saw a drop in users discovering loans. More solutions are work in progress.

Your feedback is taken :slight_smile: . It’s not our intention to bombard with loans, we know how annoying that can get.


Very annoying @Ankit_Misra.
Neo-banks are suppose to enhance the user experience but I can confidently say that Jupiter is doing the opposite these days.

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Hey Vineel!

We never intended to disappoint you. We are connecting with you via DM to have this addressed further.

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I understand. At the end of the day, it’s banking platform , so we expect to see these strategies to improve the revenue streams. It would have been better if you still continue to have the accounts tab as default landing page but have an icon with flashy banner like “Offer” or something on the Loans icon long with the existing pots, pay to UPI and others.

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I would suggest to give user the option to customise the landing page or atleast the banner section which will really be a unique offering if compare with others banking app.
I have seen customise landing page option in kotak banking app but no bank offers customise banner selection option


Mine also missing

I can’t even close there is a fee