Job scam report lost money recover

if the receiver transfers the entire amount with neft or rtgs then.

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Well said

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I saw more people trapped who are uneducated or greedy.

No , i don’t say him negative way, i just saying about current possibilities …

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Chargeback is not possible, after receiving the money scamer load the money in minimum kyc account and anyone can create digital wallet with fake documents or without documents… And wallet spent not trackable

Same, even if a physical person offered me a job for money, i refused… It’s just a popular scam nowdays in west bengal, u may Heard about the SSC or govt job scam… Where ruling party took the money :sweat_smile:


Still that will be traceable if Receiver’s Banks branch manager look into this…

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bro raise a dispute on jupiter

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A new scam is circulating in the city, known as the Google Map Rating Scam or Fake Review Scam. I advise all members of the community to be cautious of such fraudulent schemes and avoid becoming a victim of it.

Here are some screenshots (one of my friends received)

Thought sharing here. So beware everyone.


Thank you sharing this Abdul. Not the same scam, but I was recently approached by a number with country code +62 offering me part time work from home.

As many have pointed out earlier in this thread, it is men’s insatiable greed that is solely responsible for falling into these traps. Ironically, in most cases, it is educated people with reasonable incomes who gets trapped in these scams. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :confused:

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I received a call from a number starting with +1 USA. Got kinda scared because the person called me thrice. It was a WhatsApp call. How do these people get our number?

There are various sources - dark web to data to leaks.

Its beyond one’s imagination. Our personal information is collected from various sources, ranging from raffle tickets at malls to the corner store where we make photocopies. A noteworthy instance is the practice of educational institutions selling student data to coaching centers for a bundled rate.
I recommed you to watch this Tamil Movie, bro. Irumbu Thirai (2018 film). It’s based on data leaks and privacy.


If it feels too good to be true, then it is a scam!

Their WhatsApp number says it all… :joy:

Indeed. Nevertheless, people have fallen victim to these issues without even applying basic logic and common sense. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

I have also been a victim of this lost 60k today via UPI, similar schemes.

Was anyone able to recover?

I have raised the complaints with my bank and cyber cell within 30 minutes of these transactions, not sure, what should I do next.