Is it dead or alive?

Please JUPITER, when a product is made live to customer, make sure everyone gets its.

Your edge credit card was launched sometimes back , clicked on waiting list, the response was taken, but haven’t received any update on this.

Are you dead??

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@Ajieethdesign talking to @Jiten I got the idea that the Edge Visa card may be restricted by Federal Bank.

However he was confident on releasing the RuPay card faster.

Just something to go by… Of course things don’t go according to plan. So that’s there…

It’s always a trade off. Jupiter can’t do everything on it’s own. They need the bank as backbone.

Let’s hope CSB Bank is upto Jupiter’s speed.

Of course Jupiter can’t bad mouth their partner banks. So maybe somethings are left unsaid.

@Ajieethdesign But I do agree with you on one thing.

Promise less and deliver more. :grin: