Introducing Edge RuPay Credit Card 💳

We’ve collated a list of questions from this thread here.
For next steps, we’re planning to answer them in a Q&A video sometime at the last week of this month.


Thanks for the clarification, @Lizann_Fernandez It’s great to have you back. Best wishes for the Rupay CC project :rocket::rocket:

@Shawnpinto, a Q&A video is a fantastic idea, and it can reach a wide audience quickly through platforms like X and Instagram compared to a normal copy paste FAQs :+1:t2::cool_doge:

Also, the website is still showing LTF for the first 1,00,000 users. Please update the same

does higher waitlist number delay on getting cc?
really bad that I got 79965 waitlist number now in app, before I was 10697😐

Thank you for addressing my concern

When I applied for it via the website during the launch day, I got the waitlist number 5865.

When I applied again via the app, it shows 44,896. Clarify?

@shkilluminate It’s already clarified by the Jupiter Team. Request you to go through the below post.


But when will waitlist be over and I will get the credit card?

@LordKrishna Maybe from the first week of October

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Thanks for letting me know

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The latest ‘ad’ of Jupiter Edge Rupay CC
From the official X/Twitter page of Jupiter :star_struck: :star_struck:
Let’s give a big round of applause to the mastermind behind this incredible creativity and design! :fire: :rocket: :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


This is a pretty cool ad… very relatable.

I have always loved Jupiter’s advertisements and look forward to them.

I love space and I love the one with Rajkummar Rao in a spacesuit. It was well done.

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@Shawnpinto When we can expect the Edge Rupay card availability?

@alanabraham Nice to see you back


Yup, we’re aiming to launch this by October.
As soon as updates come in, we’ll share it here.


Credit card kb tak milega

Welcome to the community @Mohansoni
Please refer the following posts

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It’s cooking. Let’s wait for the team to complete it and roll out.

Otherwise we might get a half baked product.

I am also eager and have high hopes for the Edge RuPay credit card. :smiley:


Another brilliant :bulb: from the Design/Marketing Team :fire: :fire:

From: X/Twitter

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just like the savings account, they are asking for annual fee for credit card which was advertised as LTF during the waitlist period, now 999 + gst yearly fee? nothing special about the card either, i would rather stick to my OneCard and other cards from Major banks.

@saifsuse The Edge Rupay CC is offered as LTF to the initial 200,000 approved users.
I believe you may be confusing this card with the previous Edge Visa variant partnered with Federal Bank ( that too was LTF for some selected users).