International Transactions Metadata

I have been doing a lot of transactions on my travel, after I have done the transaction, I may need to remember what amount of the local currency did I use, hence the info screen right now is very outdated in that terms.

Also I have the Pro Salary account and I can transact upto ₹1L without forex free, they is no ideal way to see how much of that limit has been used!

Ideally I would like to see:

  1. Exchange Rate which was used for the transaction
  2. Local Currency amount
  3. Location or map view where it took place
  4. Option to add bills
  5. Forex fee free limit used just like jewels are shown

@Jiten All this & option to add personal notes for the transactions. These additions would make Jupiter unbeatable product.

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Thanks for sharing this! @abraz
Really interesting use cases. We’ll suggest these to the team so that they can think about it.

Question, isn’t this an overkill feature? Only a handful might this.

No, its a very good feature Monzo & Starling all offers this feature. Why should Jupiter stay behind ?

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Maps may be overkill, but I definitely want the conversion rate and local currency transacted at the least :slight_smile:


Overkill? Heck no. It’d be cool to see a map snipet. Jupiter can ask for my location. Track wherever I made that payment at.

Add a tiny map snippet to that transaction record (maybe Google maps?) and voila. Coolness XP boost!

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Monzo does it without location permissions though

Yup, I really like the Monzo feature.

I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing my location all the time and most of overseas transaction are by card and not phone (unless it’s Apple Pay).

google pay works great for non apple users. rarely used monzo card for any transactions.