Inexplicable bug after changing my mobile number

So about two months ago, I changed my mobile number through the Jupiter Bank app. The number changed successfully and the UPI ID began reflecting my new number.

However, UPI transactions, both incoming and outgoing, started failing. I contacted support, they asked for 48 hours, then got in touch and asked for details I had already given them in writing. I had to do this whole charade at least 10 times in the intervening period. Every time i had to start explaining from scratch, none of the support people bothered to read the original complaint.

Then they asked me for screenshots. Which their app does not allow. So they asked me to take a video of the screen from another phone. Which is dumb, considering I gave them exact issue details and the exact error message. But I did it anyway. After that, over the next few weeks, they asked me to do several things such as logout and login, delete app cache and data, uninstall and reinstall app, and practically everything else, and they asked me to take the stupid videos from another phone every time. Because they didn’t trust my reading skills, perhaps.

I did every freaking thing they said, NOTHING worked. As of today, I can login to my bank, my UPI ID is visible, but I cannot add any accounts. If I try to link my Jupiter / Federal Bank, it just says “Partner server error” in a purple box. If I try to add other bank accounts, it reaches the last stage and then says “There was an issue with this transaction” in a gray box. They asked me for videos of this too, and I sent that as well.

Now for the past two weeks, they just keep telling me they’re “escalating” the issue with all the “stakeholders”. Nothing else. It has been two months with zero progress. Mind, every time i get in touch, they ask me to tell them what the issue is again, and they ask for videos of the errors again.

The absolute dumbest part about this whole mess is that my Jupiter / Federal account is fully functional for UPI on GPay, PayTM and Samsung Pay. Their own app isn’t accepting their own account, or any other account for UPI or spend tracking. No less, the fact that i can’t even try reverting back to my old number, because they only allow you to change mobile numbers once in a year.

For the past week, all i get in reply is the “escalating” nonsense. I have given up hope, and am killing my jupiter account. They’ve probably escalated this to god himself by now, with no resolution in sight.

A word of advice. Jupiter is buggy garbage. Skip it.

Feedback to Jupiter:

  1. This is not how you run a bank.
  2. The mobile number change limitation is stupid.
  3. If you’re going to ask for screenshots and videos every time i put in a complaint, remove the idiotic screenshot restriction from the app.
  4. Your chat support is buggy garbage too. The longer a conversation goes on, the more the dumb thing lags. At this point, a word i type in chat takes about ten seconds to show up on the screen. I think you’re doing this intentionally to dissuade people from using chat support.
  5. Bye bye.

@Nikhil_Godbole would request your help in getting this checked.

@sid We are very sorry to have put you through this.

Please allow me some time to go through the details and get back to you with the next steps.


It’s is really worst seems no action taken as I am also facing same scenario currently.