How realistic is it to operate a kotak bank account completely online, never visiting it's branches?

Hello everyone, i was wondering how realistic is to operate a kotak bank account entirely online?
I am from a small city and there are not branches near me, the nearest one is about 4-5 hours away so visiting it is completely out of the question for me. So, i was wondering what you guy’s think about it.


Completing kyc requires visiting physical branch. You can do it within 1 year of opening it.

Lucky people gets VKYC option :sweat_smile:. I never got that option, for me only physical kyc was available.

Wait what? Vkyc is one if the selling points of the Kotak account. That’s weird.

It depends on case to case. I got video KYC option but my friend got only physical KYC option. Our house are literally opposite to one another. And the branch is 70 kms away. He went and did physical KYC when he went to the area of branch for some other purpose. I did video KYC and have been operating the account for more than a year now. No charges or anything. Very fast app and all services are good. Never had to visit a branch.


I setup my mother’s account and she luckily got VKYC (branch is only 750 meters away from our house though). She has never had to visit the branch and has done everything through app.


In my case it was physical kyc but from home… No documents given to the agent… only via fingerprint.
Same with Paytm, mobikwik & amazon also.
I don’t remember the year but it was all done in the pre- lockdown era probably 2018-19.
& the agent who visited my home was not from the bank… 3rd party agency

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Did the Kotak employee did thst easily or asked you to convert to other account variant

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No. I had few days left for a year. So one of the employee visited me (I contacted them prior, since my college had lot of kyc requests, he visited the college) and did my KYC.