How many fintechs or banks offer similar loans to Amazon Pay in India?

Lazypay, Amazon PayLater, Simpl, Mobikwik, Kissht, ICICI Bank

^^ names are courtesy from WhatsApp group.

Please add if you know the names (UPI) (launching soon in India)

I forgot a few main players

Paytm postpaid
Ola postpaid

Does anyone know why did Paytm Postpaid got shut?

I thought it was it operating, in mobile app it says I am not yet eligible!

It’s functional,from paytm usage based cohorts they have streamlined it to credit score based extension. You can access postpaid under profile>settings>payment settings.paytm postpaid.


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Yeah, that’s true, was able to find it. Thanks, Chirag. But won’t it be better for them if they use both paytms transactions data and credit score, they could profile the use much better?

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